How does one face the terrifying transition from adolescence to adulthood you may ask? I have absolutely no clue.

As of today August 7, 2017 I am now legally an adult. It’s surreal even to write. I have yet to wrap my mind around the fact that I am no longer, nor will I ever be a child again (except to my family of course). This is the time we’ve coveted throughout our childhoods; the time that’s supposed to bring freedom and independence to do as we please. Yet as I stand in the face of it, I realize that I’m not sure if I want it.

With the coming of age for me, brings about realities that I have neglected to face before. For example it’s a reminder that I’m about to start my last year of secondary school and I probably should have everything to come after figured out by now. But how can we put an age and a timeline on when we are meant to realize things? How do we as a society say that at a certain point in time we all must have a plan for our futures especially in this fast paced and ever-changing world?

After today, an eighteenth birthday, the world views us differently. Or at least that’s how it feels. Legal adulthood brings with it responsibility that I am scared to face. I mean the fact that we can vote alone goes to show the value of our opinions as adults as opposed to when we were children.

It seems to be a small shift, just ageing by one year, but with all things considered, turning eighteen is an important milestone. So today, I hope to have a year of learning and growth; I hope to make new strides to my future and most importantly I hope to welcome with open arms my new potential as an adult and use it for whatever good I can.

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