Just For The Pun Of It 

How many puns can a Megan pun till a Megan’s punned enough puns? We’re about to try to answer this question. Now anyone who knows me would be fully aware that I enjoy jokes. I tend to pun-tuate my daily life with little jokes. I find them so humerus that I laugh till my bones feel funny. But I also try to be very Sirius as you will see in a post about astronomy coming soon. Not really but ah let’s stick a pun in that and move on.

So, I’m starting to think I overshare a little on this blog and in a few months, you all are going to end up knowing my whole sole (size 7 by the way). Speaking of shoes, I’m always afraid to buy sneakers in case they are laced with something, you’d never know. On the other hand/foot I can’t help but feel for these other lost soles and wish to take them along with me every step of the way.

Before I go off on a tangent let me angle this discussion to another line of study. After bisecting my views on farming, I’ve decided that I’m pro-tractor. They’re a necessary commodity for all farms to function smoothly. Additionally, I might add that you can always cow-nt on farms to have milk in some form or the udder. And when chick-ing up on the coops, it’s an egg-cellent idea to pluck up enough courage to face these fowl creatures.

And finally, just to cement the fact that I love puns and in hopes that I don’t aggregate you anymore, I’ll leave with one last joke:

What does a father leaf say when his child runs away from home? Tree! Son! (Just imagine this being said as a leaf points at his tree home while shouting at his renegade child leav-ing. He may be escaping to an empty nest…go figure)

I thought I’d add in a light-hearted post to mark my return to the blogosphere after a rather untimely writer’s block. This has certainly not been the most puns I can make so look out for more coming soon! Posting will most likely be every other Saturday so please subscribe on the side bar or via the pop-up at the top of your screen.

Happy Punning! I love you all from my head to-ma-toes


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