One night whilst reading tips for blogging (considering how my posting schedule has been, I need all the help I can get), I came across a list of blog post ideas. One struck me as quite funny, a blog post on things you don’t regret. Typically you’d ask someone what their biggest regrets are. But do we ever stop to think of what we don’t regret? Essentially it is what we are thankful for. Events that have shaped our lives, personalities and situation for the better. Personally, I interpreted these words to encompass all things that I could have considered negative at some point in time, but eventually  came to terms with and now see value in the experience. Lately I’ve been trying to see value in everything that I encounter. Everything that I’ve experienced thus far has made me who I am today. So let’s see what do I not regret:
1. I’m grateful for every failure I’ve ever endured. Failure may seem like the end of the world at the time; but in the long run you realize that through failures you get an opportunity to start over or try a different route. Or if you’re like me you use failure to accept what you’re not good at and by the process of elimination hopefully find your true calling.

2. I’m grateful for everyone who’s done me wrong.  At some point in your life you’re going to learn that not everyone has your best interest at heart; and more importantly people are going to tend to look out for themselves. I appreciate the lessons I learnt from people like this since I finally became aware that naivety isn’t really going to get you anywhere. I think I’m now more careful with who I trust and I happily keep a small circle of those I genuinely love and care about.

3. I’m grateful for the times I’ve been sad. For whatever reason, sadness is a humanizing feeling. You’re brought back down to earth and reminded of pain and loss that is a necessary part of life that touches everyone. It’s incredibly cathartic to get over or out of any low points as well.

4. I’m grateful for the fact that this list can exist. I’m happy that I’m slowly becoming able to see the good in whatever befalls me. And also I’m beyond appreciative to have lead a life thus far with so little to dislike or feel unsatisfied with. I’ve been provided with more than I could ever deserve and I can never be thankful enough.

I’ve been thinking rather deeply a lot lately so there are probably will be a few more posts of this nature. I really enjoy this style of writing though so hopefully posts will be more frequent.

Happy reading!

-Love, Mégan


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