Carbon Footprints?

So this week I want to take a step back and talk about some things that to me, matter a lot more than my little internal struggles. This week we’re going to talk about the environment. More specifically, what Trinidad and Tobago is doing to preserve it.
In 2010 a study done by the University of Trinidad and Tobago proved that we as a nation produce 53 million tonnes of greenhouse emissions per year. Of that extreme amount 80% is produced by petrochemical and power generation. With this in mind let’s look back at 2015, when the Paris Agreement was signed by around 200 nations. In 2016 we, Trinidad and Tobago also signed this agreement. It states in a nutshell that signees are to attempt to reverse the devastating effects of climate change by reducing their carbon emissions and possibly beginning to switch to renewable sources of energy. In this agreement it was also mentioned that a review of progress will be done in 2018 which is a mere two months away.
What have we done since then? What progress have we made to lowering our carbon footprint? Recall the budget from a few weeks ago which proposed the removal of the subsidy on hybrid and CNG vehicles which have an engine above 1599ccs. The reason cited was that the incentive was not to be used to import “luxury vehicles”. To me this is counter productive as the purpose of the tax incentive was to promote the use of earth friendly vehicles no matter of their size or cost.
Another thing that is an issue to me is that we, a small twin island state, have been named the highest municipal solid waste producer in 2012 by the world bank. We produce 14.4 kilograms per capita per day of solid waste, yet still recycling seems to barely exist. Small companies have taken the initiative but still the government remains inactive when it comes to any type of alternative waste treatment. We continue to dump all garbage in landfills which will in fact reach capacity soon according to SWMCOL in 2011.
I am well aware that I’m just an eighteen year old with a blog and can’t really do anything much about such issues. But I feel so strongly about the blatant disregard for the environment being seen in terms of our governance that I just had to call it out. I really do hope something can be done or changes can occur soon as the extreme effects of climate change are occurring as seen only in the monstrous hurricanes this year.

2 thoughts on “Carbon Footprints?

  1. [ Smiles ] It is nice to know that you are concerned about the welfare of our environment.

    To cut down on our carbon footprints we need to switch to a renewable energy source, use vehicles that emit less CO2 or drive vehicles such as electric cars.

    At the moment, we are too heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

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