Gender Roles

Hey guys I’ve been sitting at home nursing a sprained ankle for about a week now and have had a lot of time to think about some of the issues affecting our society. So this week let’s talk about gender roles. Now first of all I think I’m expressing fairly liberal views in this post so please read with an open mind.

Sex has to do with ones genetic makeup; whether we were born with XY chromosomes or XX chromosomes. It’s as simple as that. However when we delve into the world of gender is where things get complicated. As human beings, we’ve decided to collectively create something called gender. It’s a man made social construct which we believe dictates the way we should act, dress, think and even live.

We’ve created masculinity and femininity to go along with the XX and XY chromosome pairs. And decided that males were to be stoic and strong and unfeeling. We literally force boys to feel ashamed of their emotions and bottle it up until they’re near explosion. The only emotion they can show is aggression. They must prove that they are tough and “manly” enough by asserting dominance in every way. They are supposed to be players and heart breakers, as wild and promiscuous as they want to be.

On the other hand and a lot closer to home, we’ve told girls that they must be passive and always nice and attractive. We’re raised and socialized with the notion that even if we are professionals we are still primarily caretakers and baby makers. We can be confident and independent in ourselves but not overtly so otherwise we’re being bossy. Asserting our independence and fighting strongly for equal rights immediately makes us “feminazis”. Even worse if we’re feminists then we’re automatically man haters. Girls are not allowed liberal sexuality but are judged negatively based both on their activities or lack thereof.

We’ve created our own oppression based on what? Genitalia? My genetic makeup has nothing to do with how my upbringing and behavior should be. Because I am biologically female does not mean I am fragile nor does being biologically male make me immediately macho and tough. I can’t comprehend why we force stereotypes onto one another with little to no basis and then ostracize those who choose to deviate from the absurdity.

I think this turned into a bit of a rant but I feel very strongly about this topic and greatly dislike labels and assumptions placed on anything. I for one do ascribe to many of the typically “female” or “girly” characteristics but that’s purely based on personal choice. The removal of gender roles completely is a far off dream which we’ll hopefully reach in the future but I’m not holding my breath. For now let’s try to allow each of us the freedom to exist in whichever way we are comfortable.

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