Farewell 2017

Another fruitful year has been reaped and the seeds of a new year are yet to be sewn. It seams that 2017 has just zipped by, but when you think about it, there have been pockets of experiences that’d last a lifetime. I think weave all endured some ups and downs; a roller coaster of … More Farewell 2017


In light of world mental health day on the 10th of October, I thought I’d take the time to discuss some things I’ve been struggling with lately. I’ve been experiencing anxiety for a very long time now; as long as I can remember actually. But what is anxiety in this context? While you can feel … More Anxiety 


One night whilst reading tips for blogging (considering how my posting schedule has been, I need all the help I can get), I came across a list of blog post ideas. One struck me as quite funny, a blog post on things you don’t regret. Typically you’d ask someone what their biggest regrets are. But … More Regrets?


How does one face the terrifying transition from adolescence to adulthood you may ask? I have absolutely no clue. As of today August 7, 2017 I am now legally an adult. It’s surreal even to write. I have yet to wrap my mind around the fact that I am no longer, nor will I ever … More Eighteen…?

Tropical Travel Tips

Though I, to use a cliché, live where you vacation; I still love to visit the other Caribbean islands whenever I possibly can. So whether you’re a local doing some island hopping or a foreigner trying to escape the chilly weather, here are some of my tips to having the ultimate island getaway. Do your … More Tropical Travel Tips

Growing and Glowing

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel the need to start afresh, with new people or new places, even a new job. Seeking this can never be selfish. I’ve always thought that it was more important to stick around and make sure that everyone else was alright even if it meant sacrificing … More Growing and Glowing